Computer and Automation Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA SZTAKI) -

MTA SZTAKI has become a key player of the domestic eLearning market in recent years profiting from its multimedia technology experiences on different areas of eLearning including research, expertise, product and content development. In the area of the research of Adaptive Multimedia Technologies, we joined program "Adaptive Distributed Multimedia Server" (ADMS) of the University of Klagenfurt. The Mobile Innovation Centre (MIK) is based on the cooperation of universities, academic research institutes, companies, service providers and organisations dealing with scientific research and innovation. Within the framework of the four-years long project, we work on creating an adaptive content development architecture which is able to store eLearning materials independently from the platform and it provides them in the appropriate time and place for the clients having different platforms. We founded the eLearning Forum conference series in 2002 and later we participated in it as co-organisers. We developed several software products in the last years that became widely known and they are used in different eLearning applications. We develop specific or generic training materials, our colleagues have experiences in development of several thousands multimedia elements. Our products are always standardised training material packages. We participate in realisations of several domestic and international projects. They are focused on the application of multimedia and the ubiquitous learning.

Role of the participant organisation in the project

MTA SZTAKI  will be the WP3 WP3 Software development leader elaborating all the tasks including this WP. MTA SZTAKI will be involved into the WP1, WP2, and WP7. In WP4  together the Coordinator SZÁMALK they develop the eLearning training material and localise the national version.  

Staff responsible for the project

Dr. István Simonics, Balázs Wagner, Laszló Fazekas, Zsolt Márkus

István Simonics Balázs Wagner László Fazekas       n/a      


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