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The Laboratory of Distributed Multimedia Information Systems and Applications at the Technical University of Crete (TUC/MUSIC) is a centre of research, development, training and technology transfer in the area of multimedia systems. TUC/MUSIC participates and has participated in many international and national research and development projects (e.g. IST UP-TV: Ubiquitous Personalised Interactive Multimedia TV Systems & Services, IST UVA: Ubiquitous Web applications et al. in the programmes, IP DBE: Digital Business Ecosystems, LdV KNOSOS and CHIRON 5FP, ESPRIT, INCO-COPERNICUS, TEN Telecom, IST LOGOS STREP) and is a member of several European Excellence Networks (IDOMENEUS for Multimedia Information Systems, i3-Net for Intelligent Information Interfaces, DELOS for Digital Libraries), while maintaining strong links with several computer and communication companies. The activities of TUC/MUSIC include research; development, training and technology transfer in the area of Multimedia Information Systems, Very Large Data Bases, Multimedia Communication Systems, Collaborative Environments, Distance Learning, Digital TV, Information Retrieval, Human-Computer Interaction, Tourism and Cultural Systems and Applications.

Role of the participant organisation in the project

TU Crete is responsible for Wp2 Reseach workpackage, and works in WP1, WP5, WP7  workpackages.

Staff responsible for the project

Stavros Christodoulakis, Polyxeni Arapi, Nektarios Moumoutzis

 Stavros Christodoulakis Polyxeni ArapiNektarios Moumoutzis 


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